Therapeutic Breathwork

9thRayLionessCpyRtTherapeutic breathing is a transformational process that takes a person to a different level of consciousness by means of the breath in order to assist in emotional healing, relaxation, etc. Therapeutic breathing works on all levels and can bring physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

A process of conscious, connected breathwork induces mid-to-deep alpha brainwaves (REM state) during the much of the session followed in most cases by theta state. In these deeply relaxed states, most clients are able to access and release life traumas from a place of safety. Therapeutic Breath allows a person to bring up emotions that need to be released so they can be confronted, embraced, worked through and let go.

Integration takes place because the person is safe and is allowed to experience the event on another level. The goal is to reach a state of peace with our traumatic life experiences and release these experiences from our bodies and our beings.

Possible Benefits:

  • Releasing blocked energy in the form of past traumas
  • Releasing fears and negative expectations associated with traumas
  • Letting go of self-defeating behaviors
  • Feeling lighter and more peaceful
  • Breathing easier
  • Greater sense of purpose or connection to the spiritual
  • Lucid dreaming for a few nights following session

Many people deal with past traumas during their sessions. Others simply access Spirit and feel the great oneness with the Universe. Many experiences are possible, and each session is unique because each person needs something particular at each point in time. A client only uncovers what he/she is ready to uncover. Breathwork seems to be a safe, easy and accessible method for most people to access whatever level they need.

Types of Sessions:

Although sessions vary greatly with each individual, the majority encompass all three of these types:

  • Physical – Focused on what is going on within the body. Clients may experience sensations of physical pain associated with trauma, but these “remembered” pains (generally brief) can be released through the breathing process.
  • Emotional – Generally visual in nature. The client may see scenes from the past being played out or fleeting images that have an emotional connection. The body and psyche may release these through tears, laughter, etc. along with the breath itself.
  • Spiritual – Spiritual energy can bring about feelings of bliss or ecstasy. Clients have reported being visited by loved ones who are deceased, encountering angels and much more.

Cost and Frequency of Breathwork Sessions:

Diana is available for private sessions at a cost of $65.00 or more. Most sessions last about an hour. Cost includes 10-15 minutes of energetic cleansing at the beginning of the session followed by therapeutic breathing. In most cases, Diana recommends that clients wait at least a week between sessions so that they may have time to process the results.

You may use the button below to pay for the one-hour session in advance using (additional $3 processing fee included):

I am available during the week by appointment  at The Bodywork Center of Cary, 1152 Executive Circle, Cary, NC (directions). Contact me by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159 to schedule a session.

Choosing a Breathwork Facilitator…

It is recommended that you seek a facilitator with whom you feel comfortable. There is an energetic bond between the client and the breathwork practitioner. For this reason, it is best to find someone whom you feel you can trust.