Combination Sessions


Sacred Heart Soul Healing – Reiki – Crystals – Sound – Karmic and Energetic Cleansing Sessions

Yes, it’s the “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of session! As with all of my sessions, this work is Spirit led. I connect to your Highest Self and to the Divine to receive the guidance regarding what you need at this moment. Often that includes many modalities. I never know exactly what will unfold in the session, of course, because I’m the vehicle rather than the driver. Your spirit and the Divine guides what is needed, and only you can decide how open you are to receiving those gifts.

Sacred Heart Soul Healing is always a part of these sessions, because it provides both immense release and healing on so many levels, and Reiki, which is such a foundational healing technique that allows for great balance, is also a part of every session. All of these combination sessions include some degree of energy cleansing to release detrimental attachments/energies as well. If you are ready to step out of your story (or at least on the verge of it), the session will include clearing triggers, traumas and dramas held in the energy bodies from this life or carried over from other lifetimes and may include clearing soul wounds and karmic issues from body, mind, and spirit. Many issues require karmic cleansing; so that is part of the work if needed and appropriate. It’s up to your I Am Presence (highest self) to determine what is ready to be accepted, and I am simply doing my part in the process.

Possible results of session:

  • Letting go of issues and stepping out of one’s story
  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
    Greater sense of balance or harmony
  • Pain relief or reduction of symptoms
  • Renewed vigor
  • Feeling lighter and more at peace
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater mental/emotional clarity
  • Easier to shift detrimental thought patterns and habits
  • Increased sense of awareness
    Enhanced ability to heal
  • Aligning more with one’s true self / spirit

All of these results depend on a person’s willingness to make changes that are beneficial and lead to greater acceptance of a permanent shift of being. If someone has splendid results, I ask the person to give thanks to her/himself, because those kinds of releases come only to those who are truly willing to let go and receive the highest benefit. Moreover, the effect becomes lasting when someone is truly willing to move forward. I have seen miracles occur when a person is ready for the full shift that this work can provide. Even when someone is ready only for a small part of what could be, each session allows for greater freedom and invites the person receiving the treatment to rise up to the level of greater harmony and wholeness. For some, this is accomplished in a single session. For others, it’s a process that takes place over time as the person steps more and more out of the story s/he has been living, which these techniques definitely invite people to do.

Cost for a Combination session is a *sliding scale of $77 to $133 for a one-hour, full-body session.

*A sliding scale allows for leeway regarding cost based on your financial situation.

I am available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays by appointment at my office in Cary and once a month (third Tuesdays) in Raleigh, North Carolina. All sessions are by appointment only. Contact me by email (best method) by clicking here or call 919-264-0159 to schedule a session.

Payment by check is cash is typical. If you wish to use a credit card, please click on the Donate button below to connect to and enter the amount of the service you have chosen (plus $3 processing fee).

Karmic Cleansing and Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration*

*Note that this is different from the shamanic process of Soul Retrieval. This technique is strictly related to other lifetimes and is angelic rather than shamanic in its nature and origins. If you do not align with angelic work, this modality is not for you.

Karmic Cleansing: For many years, I’ve used a divinely-guided technique for karmic cleansing in my work to help clients in the healing process and in moving beyond life issues that couldn’t seem to be addressed in any other way. This part of the session is geared toward cleansing karmic debt and clearing karmic wounds.

Potential Results of karmic cleansing:

  • Feeling lighter and more at peace
  • Greater mental/emotional clarity
  • Increased sense of awareness and clarity
  • Enhanced ability to heal chronic issues

Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration: This technique provides help in acclimating to the heightened energies we now absorb by embodying the soul gifts that we have known in other lifetimes.

Another purpose of this technique involves accessing, clearing and integrating lost aspects of the psyche or soul that we left behind. I’ve done past life regressions on others since 1997 and have had many regressions myself as well. Yet, even though I integrated them afterward in ways both conscious and unconscious, I always felt that I wasn’t able to access the treasures of those lives fully. This technique brought me to a deeper level of accepting the gifts of my past lives and the wisdom of the journey. Using this as a follow-up to past life regression is a marvelous addition, but the technique works beautifully on its own as well.

Soul gifts are awakened in the process when that is appropriate. It is important to note that clients will not be accessing all of their lives at once nor very many in a single session—only what is appropriate and helpful at the time of that session.

Potential Results of Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration:

  • Heightened spiritual connection
  • Deeper understanding of your journey
  • Awakening of soul gifts (possibly right away though generally done over time as you download them from the I Am Presence)
  • Energetic integration of issues (physical, emotional, spiritual)
    Empowerment of soul purpose

Session cost: One hour: $99 / 90 minutes: $144 (Note that 90-minute sessions include half hour of energy cleansing prior to the karmic cleansing and MLSI techniques.)

If interested in scheduling this type of session, please contact me by email (best method) by clicking here or call 919-264-0159.

Cleansing/Therapeutic Breathing/Energetic Therapy Sessions

Reiki Masters Diana Henderson and Belén M. Pérez Rivera, both certified in Therapeutic Breathing and experienced energetic cleansing practitioners, have joined forces to offer this potentially life-shifting combination of modalities.

What you will receive in this 90-minute session:

  • One full hour of energetic cleansing
  • 40-50 minutes of Therapeutic Breathing (done simultaneously with the cleansing)
  • Half hour of Reiki / energetic healing after the
  • breathwork/cleansing

Either Belén or Diana will guide you in the Therapeutic Breathing process while the other practitioner focuses on intensive energetic cleansing. After both the cleansing and breathing portions are complete, Diana and Belén will work together using Reiki and other energetic techniques for an additional half hour. This extra half hour of energy work assists in integrating the breathwork and cleansing.

Potential Benefits:

  • Releasing blocked energy in the form of past traumas
  • Releasing fears and negative expectations associated with traumas
  • Allowing past and present stresses to fade or diminish
  • Letting go of self-defeating behaviors
  • Feeling lighter and more peaceful
  • Accessing higher consciousness
  • Awakening soul truths
  • Breathing easier
  • Greater sense of purpose or connection to the spiritual
  • Lucid dreaming for a few nights following session

Cost for this joint combination session with Diana and Belén: sliding scale of $222 TO $333. (Note: The minimum amount is appropriate for those whose finances are stressed. If you were receiving all of these modalities together from Diana alone, this session would cost $195 minimum, but you will be experiencing the benefit of both practitioners jointly providing a powerful session.)

NOTE: Please allot enough time for your session to include a grounding period afterward and a brief introduction at the beginning. The grounding time is crucial since the majority of clients are in a highly altered state of consciousness after the session. It generally takes a minimum of 15 minutes to ground fully afterward. Plan on being at the Center for two hours total.

Diana Henderson has been a Reiki practitioner since 1997 and Reiki Master since 1998. She was trained in Therapeutic Breathwork in 1999 and certified in 2000. Diana is also trained in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch, Tibetan Chakra Toning, Lightwave, Muscle Testing, Energy Dowsing and more. She first was introduced to energetic cleansing by Archangel Michael in 2001 and received his guidance on the techniques more fully in 2003-4. Archangel Michael continues to expand Diana’s knowledge of cleansing methods to this day. She has been teaching these techniques to Archangel Michael’s Spiritual Warriors since 2004.

Belén M. Pérez Rivera, MS, LMBT#9576 trained in massage and bodywork therapy at the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, North Carolina. This training provided her with a solid foundation in a holistic approach to massage and bodywork, which allows Belén to consider her clients’ wholeness in every session. Belén took her Reiki III/Master training with Diana Henderson and also is fully trained in Archangel Michael’s Spiritual Warrior Cleansing techniques. More recently, she traveled to Costa Rica and participated in three weeks of in-depth training in Clarity Breathwork training.


Every day I experience the profound privilege and joy of living my purpose, but it wasn’t always so. The Universe had to give me a serious reminder! My journey as a healer began in 1996 born out of my own need for healing and relief from chronic pain. Little did I know what an amazing path was in store from that moment forward! After Reiki training in 1997, I embraced my true calling and began a practice. I became a Reiki Master in 1998 and quickly found that teaching Reiki classes along with working with clients brought me “home” to the path of my soul!

I continued to learn new holistic tools and was certified in DNA Activation, a process for self-healing and mastery, in 1999. Certification in Therapeutic Breathwork, a breathing technique that allows clients in session to “re-take” their first breath to release the painful impressions imprinted at birth, followed in 2000. During many years of study and practice, I’ve also taken courses in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch, Tibetan Chakra Toning, Muscle Testing, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Dreams, Tarot, Medicine Wheel and Astrology among many others on this path of remembering what my spirit always knew.

Most recently I was guided to “birth” this wonderful new healing modality, Sacred Heart Soul Healing (SHSH). After using the techniques on clients over the course of two years (2012-2014), I began teaching the first level class. Through sessions as well as training others, I continue to learn more and the process grows and shifts with the unfolding blessings of Spirit. I am ever grateful to Beloved Jeshua and the Ascended Masters and Archangels of Light for giving me the guidance and understanding of how to do and present this modality.

Much of my work as a healer/teacher/messenger focuses on assisting others in opening to their gifts, embracing wholeness and enhancing their spiritual connection. In addition to practicing alternative healing modalities, I teach classes in all levels of Reiki, Angels and Archangels, Energetic Cleansing, Intuition, Crystals, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, DNA Activation and more.

Through the years, I’ve come to realize that nothing on my path was wasted time. My work as a former graphic designer, writer and high school English teacher contributes to the path I walk now as teacher, ascension artist, spiritual counselor and healing facilitator.

I am so grateful to have aligned with my soul purpose and found the work that brings me bliss! One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work comes from assisting others in doing the same.

Licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing
Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals