Living the Law of Attraction

I Am Violet Flame copyright 2015 L. D. Henderson

The Law of Attraction tells us that “like attracts like” and that we create/manifest based on the energy we are emanating together with our focus. As the saying goes, “Energy flows where the attention goes.”

If we focus mental/emotional energy (preferably love and joy!) on what we want, we send the signal to the Universe to bring this desire to us. Thought + Emotion + Attention/Visualization (+ appropriate action) = Manifestation.

I’d say that for the most part those of us in the metaphysical and healing community are aware of this philosophy. Yet, how many of us actually live it moment to moment?

I must confess that I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook. During what has been a contentious political season, I’ve had numerous opportunities to practice the art of forgiveness and diligently apply the Law of Attraction, doing my utmost to remember to focus on what I seek rather than what I prefer to avoid. I admit that it’s been a challenge, but in every moment I am succeeding more and more!

I’ve seen so many posts expressing extreme hate/anger/fear and directing these energies to specific candidates and/or political issues. At times I’ve been tempted to hit “Like” (and occasionally even did so) in response to posts espousing political opinions that we “anti” one thing or another. Most of the time I’ve been careful to only give that tiny thumbs up to posts that were “pro” someone or something.

What the Law of Attraction reminds us is that if we keep giving attention plus energy to the thing we don’t want, we are feeding and fueling it. Hate and anger are very strong energies. So if we actually hate a candidate or policy, we are giving that person or issue a great deal of energy, and, if we keep focusing that hate or anger against the person or policy we wish to defeat, we are actually strengthening that which we would prefer to diminish.

So what’s the answer in terms of dealing with politics? I can’t answer that for everyone, but I can speak to my own decision. As much as possible, I choose to live the Law of Attraction. I am giving my energy and attention to the candidates I want to elect and the issues I want to promote. In some cases, that means donating to a person’s campaign or to an organization that supports my values, making calls or sending emails that encourage others to take appropriate action, and contacting current members of Congress (state and national), the Governor’s Office, the President, etc. to let my voice be heard on the issues that matter to me. Another thing I like to do is focus at least 10-30 minutes a day on what I want, on the candidate(s) I seek to elect. I hold love and a feeling of joy while visualizing the outcome I want. This is simple Law of Attraction work. I let no feelings other than love and joy come into play while I’m focusing on my desired outcome. I see/feel/think/live that result as if it were already accomplished. As much as possible, I also keep my emotions and thoughts in check the rest of the time.

Granted I’m just one person doing this, but I know the power of it in my own life, and even with the chaotic, hateful energies being sent out by others, I choose to focus entirely on what I want, who I want to see elected, the issues that I would like to see resolved being accomplished.

If I were to do anything else, I would be contributing to what has been a turbulent political climate. Even as I typed the last three words in the previous sentence, I consciously dis-empowered them by igniting them in the Violet Flame of Transmutation. I acknowledge the need to be ever more diligent in choosing my words to create the future I seek. I am done with allowing unconscious choices to rule my world.

I realize that choosing to live the Law of Attraction may seem a daunting challenge to some. However, its benefits are great enough to warrant my own dedication. I’ve had to train myself on an ongoing basis and continue to get better at the process as I practice it more and more.

My precious pet reminds me regularly to continue to apply this law. “How?” you well may ask. While he’s a great animal companion most of the time, but occasionally he does things that are intended to draw negative attention from me, because attention is, after all, what we all seek. I used to scold him, get upset with him and energetically align with the behavior I wanted to stop. Sometimes I would even replay the behavior in my mind because I was irked at it—thus sending the suggestion to him to repeat the behavior! Now when he decides to “try” my patience, I simply withdraw. I leave the room and his presence behind. I take my attention/focus, one of the necessary components for creation, away from the situation and place it on something else that brings me joy. When I return, the little guy is always on his best behavior.

To add more Law of Attraction to correcting this situation, at a time when things are flowing well, I direct as much love toward my animal companion as possible and visualize him behaving beautifully. This makes him less likely to act out again.

I find that practicing the Law of Attraction on the small stuff helps to ingrain it more in my psyche. Over time, it become much easier to live that law as a result. While the political issues of our time couldn’t really be considered small things, choosing as much as possible to hold ourselves in the light and focus on the things we want can make an impact on the situation—especially as more and more of us begin to do so.

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