Are you ready to embrace the adventure of living fully as a Light Being in human form—to discover the True Self and to follow your Soul Path?

  • Classes that empower you to heal and energize your unique Destiny
  • Sacred Heart Soul Healing – a new modality that fosters deep and abiding shifts in consciousness and being
  • Karmic Cleansing classes to assist in letting go of that which no longer serves the highest good
  • Energetic healing classes that promote balance, harmony, health and wellbeing
  • Ascension Art to assist in hastening higher consciousness and deepening spiritual connection

My greatest joy is to envision the unique expression of Divinity within each person. I offer classes designed to awaken and enhance your healing and intuitive gifts. My work involves several modalities—sowing the seeds of Light in many forms—to quicken our journey to ascension and wholeness and illuminate the pathway to peace. Get in touch if you feel the call of your spirit to partake in the adventure.

I am available for classes in Raleigh and Willow Spring, North Carolina, and on occasion in other areas.

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your journey to wholeness!



I fell in love with Reiki in 1996 and became a practitioner in 1997. I am a Reiki Master Teacher also certified in Therapeutic Breathwork and DNA Activation. My long-time interest in metaphysics coupled with a need for SpiralFlowerCopyrhealing led me to the study and practice of many alternative health modalities. It felt like “coming home” to the work I was meant to do. During my years of study, I’ve taken courses in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch, Chakra Toning, Muscle Testing, Spirituality, Dreams, Medicine Wheel and Astrology among many, many others on this path of remembering what my spirit already knew. I believe that learning and growing must continue in order to infuse this lightwork with perpetually rising frequencies.

Most recently I was guided to “birth” a wonderful new healing modality, Sacred Heart Soul Healing (SHSH). After using the techniques on clients over the course of two years (2012-2014), I began teaching the first level class. The process grows and shifts with the unfolding blessings of Spirit. I am ever grateful to Beloved Jeshua and the Ascended Masters and Archangels of Light for giving me the guidance and understanding of how to do and present this modality.

In April 1995, my husband and I founded a group devoted to spiritual and intuitive exploration. We founded the Order of Archangel Michael in June 2002 and A Gathering of Angels in December 2005. All are devoted to expansion of consciousness and healing of the planet.

In order to answer the call of Spirit by focusing on writing, I retired from seeing clients at the end of 2017, but I continue to joyfully offer classes in all levels of Reiki, Sacred Heart Soul Healing, intuition, crystals, and many other aspects of my work. My upcoming book, Kindred of the Crystal Kingdom, features information about and messages from the crystals, a multitude of exercises, and crystal ascension art for a large number of stones. My upcoming trilogy of novels tells the story of two incarnated angelic twin flames who are in deep communication with their mentors, Archangels Michael and Metatron, as they work toward lifting the planet beyond shadow. The first in the trilogy is written and in editing now.

Although my primary work now is as a writer and editor, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the skills and experience from 20 years in practice as I teach the classes I love to share. You may reach me at 919-264-0159 or via email by clicking here.

Licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing
Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals