Clear Away the Old, Welcome the New

Reiki2-3TemplateCpyRThe new year is a perfect time to clear the remnants of the previous year both literally and figuratively. After the holidays both our homes and our energy fields may need a good cleaning. So while we’re throwing away the torn wrapping paper, hauling out the Christmas tree and putting away those ornaments and decorations, let’s set aside some time to release the other baggage from our past….

First, think back over the year and go through the act of conscious forgiveness. Did a friend hurt you? Did your father or your mother-in-law (or any other loved one) make a critical comment while visiting at the holidays? Did your spouse disappoint you? Did your co-worker or boss belittle you?

Consider for a moment the emotional wounds you experienced. Don’t dwell on them—just bring them momentarily to mind—and as you do, ask the Divine (according to your beliefs) to cleanse your heart and mind of any discord you feel for these events. Invite the light of the Violet Flame, the ray of forgiveness, into your heart and hold its energy there.

Then, visualize the person, holding them in love as much as possible, and internally say (and mean!), “I forgive you and I forgive me.” Self-forgiveness is as vital as mercy toward others, for many times we may hold residual self-blame no matter the circumstance.

After you have forgiven as much as you can recall of the previous year’s indescretions and difficulties, ask the Violet Flame to live in your heart for a while to continue to release any additional blockages caused by old wounds. If you wish you may repeat the following three times: “I forgive every hurtful act and experience and welcome love and mercy toward all including myself.”

The human energy field actually shifts when a person truly forgives. Therefore, the very act of forgiveness will help to clear blocks in all aspects of life and open your being to greater blessings on many levels.

Follow this process of forgiveness by expanding the Three-Fold Flame within the Heart (blue, yellow, pink), the flames of Divine power, wisdom and love, and also the Violet Flame, to encompass your body and energy field with the intention of clearing/cleansing and instilling love. Meditate at length on the expanded Three-Fold Flame and Violet Flame. When you feel the process is complete, draw the flames back into the heart where they always reside. Repeat the meditation as needed.

On the physical level, it’s a great idea to clean and Feng Shui your home for greater abundance and health in the new year. As you do so, say a prayer of cleansing and blessing in each room to improve the flow of energy. If you know Reiki, Sacred Heart Soul Healing, or any other energy healing modality, you can send these energies into the walls, ceiling, floor and atmosphere of your space.

You may add some pink rose petals to the corners of each room to absorb negative energy (remove when they begin to dry out) and place crystals in the corners to enhance flow (you’ll need to cleanse the crystals first and repeat periodically). Amethyst or clear quartz would be suited to this task.

With these simple steps, it’s possible to begin the new year with greater clarity and joy.

© copyright 2010 L. Diana Henderson