Energetic Cleansing: An Essential Process

Do you try to heal but never fully succeed? Does fear rule your life or impact your decisions? Do you feel blocked from your intuitive wisdom or isolated from others? Energetic Cleansing, an integral part of any deep healing regimen, provides the foundation for permanent healing of our issues.  If we cleanse regularly (and protect our energetic essence as well), we can enhance our efforts to heal and to manifest.

Cleansing, however, is not a magic pill or a quick fix. In our fast-paced world, we all long for that instant result. While each cleansing session provides a greater degree of clarity and spiritual connection, the process is not a one-time overall solution. Just as we have accumulated detrimental energies and fear residues over time, we generally release those unwelcome energies through a process of regular cleansing.

Clients sometimes ask why cleansing is necessary, why these detrimental energies exist or why they are allowed to wreak havoc in the lives of “good people.” Everything is a matter of free will. We choose to tap into the fear in the world to one degree or another until we are ready to move beyond it. We allow fear to flood our psyches and our lives. This is a hard answer to accept, of course, until we begin to take responsibility for our energetic well-being.

In addition, on the spiritual level, I believe that for each of us the Higher Self holds the imprint for the soul’s human evolution. A variety of experiences fulfill that life plan, and sometimes we attract detrimental energies/entities that will contribute to that spiritual/human development. As we move through life, we pick up many forms of detrimental energy, which at times may serve a purpose in our growth process by providing a level of discomfort that forces change, revealing aspects of self that need to heal, and challenging us to learn a vital lesson for our spiritual evolution. But these energies are meant to be temporary irritants to impel change and should released and transmuted as soon as we make the appropriate life changes and personal growth.

Most of us, however, are unaware of how to release this detritus and therefore continue to be inundated by many layers of detrimental energy, fear residue and “energetic sludge” that reaches a point at which it prevents our consciousness evolution rather than driving it. If we don’t free ourselves from these energies and the behavior patterns that open our lives to their imprint, we may find ourselves chained to the past and the events that triggered their appearance in our lives.

We have the responsibility to prepare ourselves for releasing these unwelcome energetic resonances. Growing beyond fear-based behavior patterns, the victim mindset, the mentality of lack—even if the task is performed one baby step at a time—and employing healing modalities that will enhance this process—allows us to begin to operate on higher frequencies that create optimal conditions for releasing detrimental influences.

If we do not take responsibility and do the work that is required for “healing” our issues, we can uncover and transmute layers of detritus only to find that new ones form (from additional detrimental energies operating at the same frequency) to take the place of what was removed. I’ve seen this happen sometimes with clients who were not ready to engage fully in the process. These individuals felt uplifted very briefly but soon sank back into the same state as before the cleansing.

Was there value in the session(s) under these circumstances? I believe so. When we are in a place of great distress, even temporary easing of that onslaught offers much needed respite.  In addition, that respite reminds us that there is a better way to feel, that there is hope for moving beyond the current state. Clients who experience this sort of temporary shift often are spurred to seek additional cleansing/healing assistance, which in most cases eventually will bring them to the point of readiness for more lasting results.

At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve seen countless clients who were making great strides in their personal empowerment and genuinely ready to welcome greater wholeness. These clients were able to release layers of detrimental energy that never returned and in many cases went on to continue the process by either learning the cleansing techniques and using them on themselves or by having repeated sessions or both. In many of these cases, clients moved beyond the physical manifestation or the emotional issue/fear either completely or to a very large degree.

What then is the difference? Responsibility is the first key. Some clients want me to cure them, to which I reply that they must heal themselves. Facilitating healing brings me great joy, but I am no more than the facilitator, the go-between if you will, between the client and the Divine. Each of us must take responsibility for our healing and everything required to enhance that process, including personal energy protection and cleansing.

This means when a person has received a cleansing session and released a great deal of detritus, healing work needs to follow in short order. This can involve anything from traditional therapy to energy modalities to self-help tools such as affirmations or a combination of many forms.  We must retrain ourselves to engage in positive thinking and break habits that are out of alignment with our wellness if we wish to retain the benefits of cleansing sessions.

Part of responsibility is learning to attain greater energetic awareness, provide energetic protection for ourselves and do basic cleansing for ourselves and our environment. After extensive training with Archangel Michael and other Light Beings in how to do this work effectively, I was guided to offer classes to assist others in cleansing and protection so that they would have access to some simple methods to perform this process. I also teach Sacred Heart Soul Healing, Reiki, and other forms of energy healing to enhance the work that is necessary for staying clear of layers already released and continuing to increase clarity.

The second key is readiness. The Light Beings with whom I work to engage the Divine energies necessary for in-depth cleansing could instantly transmute all forms of detrimental energy and remove all blockages and fear if that were truly what the person was ready to accept and in his/her highest good. But for most of us this work tends to be a process; that’s part of the human experience. Therefore, generally what we accumulate over time through our lives gets released in layers over time as well. As we reprogram our outmoded thought patterns and begin living empowered and responsible lives, we grow more and more into our wholeness and are ready to release more and more of the layers of detrimental energy.

Part of readiness involves the peeling of the onion or getting to the heart of the issue(s) at hand. Sometimes we peel away one layer only to recognize there is something much deeper that needs to be healed. We have to ask ourselves the tough questions, recognize the payoff of our current state (there generally is one unless we’re truly ready to heal at this moment), and claim our lives in such a way that we no longer need that payoff.

As an example, consciously I wanted desperately to heal my back after a car accident in 1994 left me seriously debilitated. I tried many methods and worked very hard but still spent a great deal of my time in terrible pain. One day someone asked me how the back pain served me. What was my payoff? At my core I knew the answer: Giver that I was, I found it hard to say “no” to anyone. For me the back pain was an instant and easy excuse any time I wanted to say “no.” Part of my process, therefore, was learning to say “no” without excuses and understanding that I needed a balanced flow of giving and receiving in my life.

Intensive work using many modalities helped me to deal with these deeper issues and assisted me in releasing the layers of detrimental energy I had accumulated during that very low ebb in my life. In the beginning, of course, I was ready only to get temporary relief; I had to grow into greater wholeness little by little. For this reason, I find it easy to remove judgment of others who are in their own process. I recognize that most of us need time to realign our thinking and establish new patterns. We cleanse and we heal at the rate that is appropriate.

The third key is karmic cleansing. We often carry detrimental karma related to a specific issue or relationship. Sometimes clients need to cleanse karmic debt related to the issue at hand in order to work more effectively on healing and releasing related detrimental or dark energies once and for all. For this reason, Archangel Zadkiel and Ascended Master St. Germain work through me to provide karmic cleansing to whatever degree is appropriate for the person spiritually at that time. (Dispensation for karmic cleansing sometimes comes in “doses” rather than all at once if the situation warrants this.)

Once karmic debt is cleansed, the person can release the spiritual imprint for the issue and the corresponding detrimental frequency that draws and holds dark energies connected to that issue.  Karmic cleansing, therefore, is one factor in “readiness.” Forgiveness of self and others is the greatest contributor to karmic cleansing.

Responsibility still reigns as the overriding element to complete cleansing/release and healing. Readiness flows from taking responsibility and all that involves.

Cleansing is for me an ongoing process that is coupled with healing work. I shield energetically on a regular basis and continue to cleanse daily, which brings more and more joy into my life. Layers of detritus still arise for release, and thankfully I now have the knowledge and the energetic framework to transmute that detrimental energy and fear and to work intently on healing the issues related to it.

© copyright 2007 L. Diana Henderson

Reiki Practitioner since 1997, Reiki Master since 1998, Founder of Order of Archangel Michael, 2002, Founder of Sacred Heart Soul Healing