Animal Healing Story

birdhealingCpyRtThe Christmas Blue Bird and the Valentine’s Day Cardinal

Since learning Reiki in 1997 and DNA Healing Techniques in 1999, I’ve seen many miracles—some great and some small—in my own life and the lives of others. None touched me more deeply than what happened on Christmas Day 1999 and again on February 13, 2000.

All my life I’ve had a strong and abiding love for animals. Perhaps closest to my heart are the birds that soar and sing and brighten our lives with their essence. My husband and I share our home with two beautiful parrots, and my connection with these wondrous creatures has served to deepen my affection for all our avian friends.

Of the song birds, the blue bird has remained my life-long favorite. My spirit soars when I see that flash of brilliant blue dart from our rooftop to a neighboring tree. So it was with great distress that I met what happened that Christmas Day in 1999.

On that windy morning, the temperature hovered below freezing. As we opened Christmas presents, we heard a loud thud against the window of our great room. I ran to the sliding glass door and saw a blue bird lying limp on the weathered wooden deck. Tears welled in my eyes. Even though all appearances led me to fear the worst, I held onto a small hope, said a prayer and prepared to face the cold.

I happened to be dressed all in blue bird blue that day; I added a blue hat and blue cape and hurried outside. When I got close, I could see this precious feathered creature was all but dead. I picked up the blue bird, unconscious and barely breathing, placed him in a towel and took him inside our sun room. It’s a cold space that time of year but out of the wind at least. There I held him gently as my being overflowed with love for this wild and wondrous animal. I channeled Reiki to him for close to 15 minutes, but still he remained unconscious, virtually lifeless. I spoke to his spirit from my heart and told him I would understand whichever choice he made—whether to be healed or to leave this world and fly free within the Light.

Then it came to me: Perform a DNA Activation and Healing on him. I knew that the DNA Healing Techniques, along with the Reiki that still poured into him and the prayers I spoke, would enhance and manifest whichever choice this bright bird made. The process is very simple with animals. I began by connecting with the blue bird’s consciousness and asking permission to proceed from his spirit and from the Divine. After receiving consent, in oneness with the Divine Light, I commanded the Youth and Vitality chromosomes to be activated. I followed this with commanding a DNA Healing, then giving thanks and expressing that this healing be made manifest.

Immediately, a voice inside me said, “Get ready to take the bird outside.” True to my skeptical nature, I disregarded this inner wisdom and waited. Within 30-60 seconds of completing the DNA Activation and Healing, the blue bird awakened, looked around, and, startled by the unfamiliar surroundings, began to fly around the room. It took about five minutes to catch the little darling and help him back outside, but I was filled with such joy that I didn’t mind the effort.

I said a prayer and asked to see him again later in the day to be certain he was well, and that prayer was answered. Toward dusk just as I happened to look outside, he came and sat on the railing of the deck (not a typical landing spot for local blue birds). He was unmistakable with his feathers more than a bit bedraggled. Many he’d left on the deck after his crash. He looked at me, sang for a moment and then went on his way.

I gave thanks for this miracle countless times, but, chronic skeptic that I was then, a part of my psyche still whispered that this was mere coincidence. I suppose I needed to be taught the lesson twice, and Nature’s loving creatures were willing to oblige.

On the day before Valentine’s Day, my second favorite of the song birds, a male cardinal, crashed into the same window. I ran outside and once again brought the little one in a towel into our chilly sun room. Again I performed the same ritual: I said a prayer and channeled Reiki to the unconscious bird. He had lost even more feathers than the first, and, although the day was not quite as cold as that Christmas had been, he surely would have died had there been no intervention.

This time the thought of performing the DNA Activation and Healing came sooner. I used exactly the same method with identical results. Within a few seconds of completing the DNA Healing Techniques, the cardinal awakened and flew around the room! This time I listened a bit better to my intuition and opened the sliding glass door just in time; so my small red friend found his way out quickly. Later in the day, he too came back for a visit. I heard the unmistakable call of a male cardinal and went to the window. With tattered plumage and more than a few feathers missing, this still brilliant bird came to say, “Thank-you.”

I must have smiled for a week afterward. “I got it,” I said to the Universe. “We have the means for miracles in our grasp. I won’t forget it again.” And I haven’t. Every time I see a blue bird or hear a cardinal’s song, I remember these miracles and am filled with hope for humankind, for the Earth and all her creatures.

© copyright 2002 L. Diana Henderson