Ascension Art

Diana’s Ascension Art prints
Ascension means lifting ourselves beyond three-dimensional limitations, arising into the truth of our spiritual essence, and creating a life on Earth that is permeated with peace, abundance, and joy. These ascension art prints were guided by Spirit to assist in hastening higher consciousness and deepening spiritual connection.

These art pieces can be used in numerous ways including:

  • To deepen meditation,
  • To enhance healing work (self and others) and align with the intentions and energies related to the print,
  • To harmonize the energy in your space,
  • To charge/energize crystals and stones of all sorts for purposes of tuning to the energies desired (based on the print),
  • To attune to Divine energies
  • To ignite creativity and manifestation,
  • To energize specific intentions for blessings, and
  • To open intuitive channels and embrace greater Divine connection.

Please be aware that this art is highly energetic in nature. If you are energetically sensitive, it is recommended that you ground well after meditating with these prints. Those with sleep issues may wish to keep the more masculine art pieces in a room other than the bedroom in order get a good night’s sleep. (Some of the Feminine Divine prints can help with sleep, but the majority of the work is highly energizing.)

You’ll find descriptions further down the page in the order the prints are shown.

All are printed on 8½ x 11 inch, 8 mil gloss white paper. Each print comes with instructions for use.

Prints cost $15 each (US) unless otherwise noted. “Wave of Creation” is priced at $22 (as guided by Archangel Metatron).

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Energy Healing Prints

Reiki Template 1
The Japanese word Reiki means universal life force energy. It is the life force that flows through everything in the universe—our essence. The word Reiki consists of two parts: “Rei,” which pertains to the universal, infinite quality of this energy—that which we call Spirit—and “ki,” which is a subset of “rei,” referring to the vital life force energy that runs through all living things. Its energy is balancing and restorative.

This art print is designed to work with all levels of Reiki (I, II, III/Master) to align with the highest vibration available at each level. For some, it may seem as if you have a Reiki master working with you as you use the energy along with this print.

Reiki Template 2
This art print is designed to work with Reiki levels II and III/Master to align with the highest vibration available at Reiki II or III. For some, it may seem as if you have a Reiki master working with you as you use the energy along with this print.

Earth Healing Template
Guided by Archangel Raphael, this art print is intended to energize all healing efforts on behalf of the Earth and all life in this realm.

Animal Healing Templates

Healing Template: Dogs
Humans can use this print to enhance loyalty in relationships and connect to the joyful innocence of the heart.

This template may be used with companion dogs as well to help them align with the most wondrous essence of their spirits for the purpose of embracing greater harmony, love and wholeness according to each dog’s unique needs.

Healing Template: Cats
Humans can use this art print to open to greater connection to the mysteries of life and esoteric spiritual knowledge and to be able to navigate through challenging situations.

This template may be used with companion cats as well to help them align with the most beautiful essence of their spirits for the purpose of embracing greater harmony, love and wholeness according to each cat’s unique needs.

Healing Template: Birds
Humans can use this Ascension Art Print to open to greater joy and the song of the soul. This template may be used with companion birds as well to help them align with the most loving, joyful light of their spirits for the purpose of embracing greater harmony, love and wholeness according to each bird’s unique needs.

Sacred Heart Flame Prints

Three-Fold Flame: The Harmony Flame
The 9th Ray of Light embodies transcendent joy, harmony and spiritual expansion, and, like the Peace Flame, it provides another octave of Love to the Three-Fold Flame. The Magenta Flame combines the Pink Flame of Divine Love (Divine Mother) and the Transmuting Violet Flame to clarify the heart and being through the Power of Love. Its energy is meant to enhance our connection to the Divine Feminine as well as our ability to release the old paradigm and connect through Love to the 5th Dimension.

Three-Fold Flame: The Rainbow Flame of Divine Creation
Ablaze with the color frequencies of the upper (formerly secret) rays, this art print offers the energy of the Divine Three-fold Flame in its home at the Heart of Creation and expresses the essence of Pure Love from the Source of All Light and Love, Creator and Creatrix. Working with the beautiful energies of the 12th Ray of Universal Consciousness and the Feminine Outpouring of Love can assist us in embracing more love in our lives and honoring the Oneness of all Creation.

Heaven’s Gate
This art print opens us to the fifth-dimensional vibration of Heaven on Earth. For those of us who are rising into the fifth-dimensional framework on Earth, this depiction of Heaven’s Gate helps us to hold that in our daily lives. Meditating with this art while holding that intention can assist in uniting the human consciousness with the Higher Self/Higher Mind.

Archangels Art Prints

Archangel Michael: The Rainbow Sword of Light
In this print, Archangel Michael accesses all of the Divine Rainbow Rays through his Sword of Light. The ray energies brought through the Sword of Light are meant to assist us in cleansing and clearing on all levels in all ways. The Rainbow Shield provides the full spectrum of Divine Protection as well.

Archangel Michael and Faith: Twin Flames of the Blue Ray
Archangel Michael and his Twin Flame Faith exist as One in the Eternal Light of Creation flowing from the Heart of Father God. Beloved Archeia Faith prepares the way for us to open to the Light of Michael’s Mighty Sword. As one they exist as the outpouring of the Divine Right Hand. Together they embody the Power of Love. Faith assists us in becoming the vessel for that power while Michael aids us in living it!

Uriel and Michael: Divine Radiance Attunement
The energies of Archangels Michael and Uriel unite in the radiant solar life force of eternal light and profound peace. This art piece reflects the energy of the sun in the sky reflected upon the waters, thus joining the masculine and feminine aspects of Divine Radiance and embodying the infinite flow of light and love from the Heart of Creation. This print also contains the essence of Divine potential expressed in the moment of the rising sun. It invites you to embrace your own potential in every moment, live the light of your radiant soul and extend peace into your life and this world.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora: Divine Radiance
This piece was guided by Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora. The ruby, gold and purple ray emanates Divine radiance and peace. This print is designed to assist in harmonizing with the brilliant light of the sixth ray. Used in meditation, it can help you radiate love and peace, amplify energy healing work, enhance personal radiance and more.

Archangel Ariel
Archangel Ariel, whose name means “lion of God” or “lioness of God,” is the Archangel of the Magenta Ray, who breathes the essence of the Sacred Heart in Divine Harmony to energize the Alchemy of Divine Love and Transcendent Joy. Using this printt can assist in breathing the light of harmony and love.

Metatron and Sandalphon: The Wave of Light
This print emanates the energies of Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. Metatron is known as the Voice and Embodiment of Father Creator; he stands as a bridge between humanity and the Divine Light of Source. Sandalphon is his twin brother, and together they oversee the Creator Angels on behalf of Creator. The energy evoked by this print comes in waves of pure Light that flow through the I AM Presence and Higher Self and anchor within and around you. This wavelength of Light is at times intensely high-vibrational and has the potential to engage the Lightbody and move one forward swiftly on the path of Ascension. It activates creativity and manifestation, energizes encodings of eternal life and youth and resonates with the life force in the glorious heart of God.

Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah: Twin Flames of the 12th Ray
Archangel Metatron is the Voice and Embodiment of the Creator, and his twin flame the Shekinah serves as the representative of the first outbreath of Divine Creation. Breathing the Light with this print can allow you to clear the mind and body in order to embody the very essence of Creation and open pathways to all manner of blessings.

Ascended Master Art Prints

Christ Consciousness: Unity, Ascension, Mastery
The Holy Grail has long symbolized Divine Grace and eternal life. This print assists in opening to grace and aligning with the new paradigm for wholeness, love, and peace. In meditation, use this print to connect to the Christ aspect, to heal life issues, and bring in the Light of Unity and Oneness with all.

Master Mother Mary of the Magenta Ray
Known to some as the Archeia of the Ray of Healing and to the multitudes as the Divine Mother, Mary’s energy can heal the heart, diminish feelings of sadness or loneliness, and assist in welcoming more love into our lives. Her light offers comfort to both mothers and children as well. This updated version of the Mary art print opens us to her light as the Lady Master of the Magenta Ray of Harmony, the Alchemy of Love, and Transcendent Joy.

The Great Divine Director and Quan Yin
The Great Divine Director (aka Master Rakoczy or Master R) was the teacher of Saint Germain and is one of the Lords of Karma. Kwan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion and represents the Divine Mother aspect much as Mother Mary does. Kwan Yin is also a member of the Karmic Board. As masters of the 11th Ray of Divine Light, they administer loving wisdom for the purpose of balancing karmic debt, integrating karmic lessons and attaining higher consciousness.

Melchizedek is a multi-dimensional Light Being of extremely high vibrational frequency and one of the governors of transformation and ascension for our planet and countless other worlds. Founder of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek and its Priesthood here on Earth, he works in harmony with Archangel Michael and Metatron to bring forth enlightenment. Imbued with his energy, this print can assist in transforming your life and facilitating transformation in the lives of others, advancement toward higher consciousness, accessing esoteric knowledge, reconnecting to your spiritual essence and to the planetary grid and more.

Light of Melchizedek
This print anoints the crown and brow chakras with the Light of Melchizedek, eternal priest, benevolent king, Cosmic Being of Light who governs the Order of Melchizedek and its earthly priesthood. In The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, J.J. Hurtak says Melchizedek is “co-equal with Metatron and Michael in the rescue, regenesis and re-education of worlds going through the purification of the Living Light.” In this art print, Melchizedek’s powerful presence of Love and Light flows to us from the Great Central Sun to assist in awakening, aligning and energizing the Divine Plan for our lives and for the planet.

Master Hilarion 2
A great teacher of Divine Truth, Master Hilarion’s energy as conveyed through this print seeks to align us with Divine Knowledge and awaken the highest potential within those who teach sacred wisdom and those who serve the cause of healing.

Saint Germain’s Palace of Divine Alchemy
Ascended Master of the Violet Ray Saint Germain is a true Alchemist of Light, who diligently offers assistance to those who walk the path of Ascension. His Palace of Alchemy contains many levels for Violet Flame cleansing and transformation as well as training in the alchemical ascension arts. Existing on the ethereal plane above the Earth, this sacred space is both a palace and a temple, a place of learning and of transcendent peace. It has many doorways and levels of energy based upon what is needed by those who come to receive the wisdom teachings of the Violet Ray. This print is designed to assist in reaching and connecting to the energies of Saint Germain’s Palace through the I Am Presence of Light.

Violet Flame 2: Lady Portia: Spiritual Evolution
The Violet Flame can shift us swiftly into Higher Consciousness when we align with it during meditation. The more frequently we flood our beings with Violet Flame, the faster we are able to connect with its blissful energy. The more we consciously expand Violet Fire into our lives, the more our reality changes and aligns with the new paradigm. Through its action, we prepare ourselves for life based on Love, Peace, and the precepts of all the Rainbow Rays. This print is designed to assist in spiritual evolution into Ascended Consciousness.

Mighty Victory
Victory is a Light Being whose energy expresses the pure essence of the word Victory. This great cosmic being holds energy for ascension for all on Earth and provides assistance as we seek to become God-Victorious. This art print energizes the Light of Victory to promote success on the path of enlightenment.

I Am Violet Flame
Your Mighty I Am Presence is the highest light of your being. It exists in Oneness with the Almighty I Am (God) and holds all the energy of your perfection and Divine Truth. Its light spans out from the depths of your heart and from above you (12-55 or so feet up). This art print calls forth the Violet Flame of Freedom, Transmutation and Forgiveness to blaze through you by the power of the Mighty I Am Presence so that you become immersed in those energies that will hasten ascension.

Ascended Master Template
The art print connects us to the Ascended Masters who are guiding humanity toward Ascension through many paths of Light. This art is meant to awaken the Divine Halo, place us more fully in alignment with the Higher Self and the Christ Consciousness, balance the feminine and masculine and center us in the Heart of Divine Justice and Mercy.

Saint/Ascended Master Brigid
Saint Brigid is an Ascended Master of Light whose energies align with radiance, healing, artistry and abundance through the path of purpose. She is known to some as a goddess and to others as a saint. In truth, like Mother Mary, she spans many levels of Light serving as an Ascended Master and Saint on the Peace Ray, an angelic being on the Green and Pink Rays and as a great cosmic goddess of Light on the Blue Ray. This print illuminates her master energy and invites us to join in the great dance of Light and live a life that serves the highest ideals of our unique purpose. Her master energy fans the flames of one’s passion for life and for one’s art as well as bringing inspiration for creating that which is aligned with Light.
The four hearts that form a four-leaf clover not only signify her connection to Ireland but also her healing essence that brings the heart into a state of wholeness and radiance.

Cosmic Light of Brigid
Saint Brigid is an Ascended Master of Light whose energies align with radiance, healing, artistry and abundance through the path of purpose. She is known to some as a goddess and to others as a saint. In truth, like Mother Mary, she spans many levels of Light serving as an Ascended Master and Saint on the Peace Ray, an angelic being on the Green and Pink Rays and as a great cosmic goddess of Light on the Blue Ray. This print illuminates her goddess energy and invites us to clear whatever stands in our path and live the life of Divine Truth.
At this level, Brigid is very much in kinship with the Cosmic Being Faith (of the three sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity) as well as Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s feminine aspect. She is concerned with protection of those who seek to live in light and cleansing of that which is disharmonious.

Transformation, Creation, Divine Energies Prints

Butterfly of Metamorphosis
The butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and transformation. It begins as a caterpillar crawling on the earth. In its larval phase, the caterpillar sheds its skin repeatedly in order to grow. As a pupa, the caterpillar disassembles and reassembles its cells to become at last a butterfly. Emerging, this new life form must strengthen its wings and prepare to fly.
In life, in order to grow beyond our issues, we too must shed the old skins of the past, forgive, grow, and move forward. To reach a state of greater grace, we dissolve and transcend the limitations of fear, anger, and resentment and reassemble the connection to the truth of Spirit. Only then may we find our proverbial wings and live in bliss.

Feminine Divine Cleansing Flower: Wash in the Waters of Light
This print connects us to the loving vibrations of the Archeiai (Feminine Archangels of Light), and to Divine Mother. This essence invites us to gently wash away the wounds of the past and the fear-based energies that are tied to them. The Feminine Divine asks us to attune to this energy by holding the intention: “I am the infinite stream of Divine Love and Light washing through me now.”

Become the Cup of Light: The Divine Feminine
This print connects us to the loving vibrations of Archeiai (Feminine Archangels of the Light), and to Divine Mother, all of whom seek to anchor the qualities of faith, hope, and love within all humanity. The Feminine Divine asks us to attune to this energy by holding the intention: “I am become the vessel of Love; I am the cup of Light into which Divine Love endlessly and infinitely flows. I receive LOVE, I live LOVE, I give LOVE, in perfect balance. I AM LOVE!”

Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah of the 12th Ray of Creation’s Heart join forces with Elohim Purity and Astrea of the 4th Ray of Creative Manifestation to enliven this print with the pure essence of Creation. You may work with this print to ignite the Divine Creator within you with the intent of manifesting a world of grace and blessings.

Creation’s Flower of Light
This art provides energy to give birth to Divine Light and manifest a world of harmony and Divine consciousness illuminated by the pure Light at the Heart of Creation. The fourth (white) and twelfth (opalescent) Divine rays encompass the entire spectrum of light and hold the vibration of Creation itself. Together they focus the Divine Creator energy for building, forming, creating and manifesting the Divine Dream. The Opalescent Ray takes the energies of the Divine Trinity and stabilizes that threefold flame into a powerful foundation for manifestation. Working with this print is intended to help open to and express the creative essence and enhance creative manifestation of Divine Reality.
The lily symbolizes purity and resurrection. It carries the energies of Purity and Astrea, the Elohim of the fourth ray into the Cosmos and into the being of each person who chooses to align with its energy.

Diamond Sword of Faith
The Cosmic Being known as Faith, one of three Divine Sisters representing the Threefold Flame, oversees the Aqua Ray’s action to assist all evolving lifestreams in embracing Divine Power in its feminine aspect in order to rise to the level of KNOWING. The qualities of truth and Divine perception guide us toward trust in the Divine Power to shift us beyond 3-D reality.

In addition, Faith, both as Cosmic Sister of Hope and Charity and as Archeia of Lord Michael on the First Ray, reveals the Diamond Sword that cuts through the detrimental and misqualified energies miring us in 3-D existence. The Diamond Sword is an octave of the Great Sword of Light kept in the heart of Michael’s Flame.

Abundance Template
Guided by Archangels Raphael, Jophiel and Nathaniel, this print’s energy is meant to renew and/or open our connection to the endless flow of infinite abundance. The Archangels light-heartedly referred to the image as “the coin of the Realm of Abundant Light.”

Rainbow of Light
Each of the Divne Rays represents an aspect of God’s Light. This print provides a connection to the radiance of the whole of Creation. At its center is a star tetrahedron representing the pure white light from which all the color rays and frequencies flow. Mediting with this print can assist in embodying greater wholeness and oneness with the Divine.

9th Ray Butterfly of Harmony
The butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and transformation. The 9th Ray version of the Butterfly of Light provides frequencies to shift us into greater harmony and to awaken the Lightbody to rising into higher dimensional resonance.
In life, in order to grow beyond our issues, we too must shed the old skins of the past, forgive, grow, and move forward. To reach a state of greater grace, we dissolve and transcend the limitations of fear, anger, and resentment and reassemble the connection to the truth of Spirit. Only then may we find our proverbial wings and live in bliss.

The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose art print heralds the dawn of Divine Harmony. The rose at center has petals made of hearts in various shades of pink and magenta. Al th ough Mother Mary is Archeia of the Green Ray, she was born into the pink ray and also exists on the Magenta Ray as its Ascended Master of Light. The “leaves” of the rose are a green five-pointed star, here signifying the fifth ray, which governs the healing aspect of humanity. Mary acts as Divine Mother to all ascending souls and holds us in her Heart of Light. As you meditate with this print, her energy wraps you in rose petals of soft, feminine light to comfort, heal and harmonize your being.

Wave of Creation
Please Note: The Divine Beings of Light who guided this piece say that only those who are ready to open to their creative essence and be empowered by it would be wise to purchase this one.
There is a slightly milder version available for those who feel they need to build up to the powerful Creation energy of this art piece.

This piece connects us directly to the Great Central Sun, the Heart of Creation and home of the Cosmic Christ. This is by far the most powerful manifestation art print the Divine has guided me to create. It emanates the energies of Archangel Metatron, Elohim Purity and Astrea, and the Wave of Divine Creation from the Source of All Light. Meditating with this print opens us to receive encodings of Light that wash through the creative channels to clarify and open the pathway of Light.

Spiral Flower of Light
This art emanates the threefold energies of Divine Love (pink), Wisdom (yellow) and Power (blue). As you meditate with or view this print, these Divine energies circulate in spirals bo of th clockwise and counterclockwise around you to clear the mind, body, and energy bodies of discordant energies and bring in renewing, loving, healing, empowering energies. At the center is the flower of life that focuses the energy in an ever expanding formulation of Divine essence designed to shift us to Divine Reality. There is a great deal of magenta ray energy in the art to assist in aligning with Divine harmony and expanding the Lightbody.

Jade Abundance Tree
Trees have long been a symbol of abundance and renewal as has the stone jade. Here those two symbols unite to energize the Divine Abundance and radiant health of Eternal Spring. The diamond-shaped background represents the energy of black jade, which both magnetizes beneficial energy, shifts detrimental energy and protects health and wealth. The branches of the jade tree remind us that there are many paths to health and abundance. As we continue to send loving energies out into the world and the Universe, we draw back to ourselves that which we seek.

Golden Child of Light (male and female versions)
This art piece was birthed to bring balance and love to the unique light of each child and to align the inner child within adults with the light of the Higher Realms. This drawing brings in the energy of all of the Divine Rays to assist in awakening the gifts and anchoring the love that is needed for reaching a higher level of consciousness on Earth. Ideal for Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Bridge Children and Adults. Just having this art in your space may infuse those in the room with loving energy.

Butterfly of Joy
Most of us are aware that the butterfly symbolizes transformation. Its secondary meaning—not as widely known—is joyful lightness of being. Butterfly energy lifts us up beyond the mundane worries of the day upon the whispering winds of gentle flight. Butterly also invites us to sup upon the sweetness of life and drink from the blossoming abundance that flows from the Great Central Sun through our sun, Sol. The bright hues of this Second Ray butterfly reminds us to spread our proverbial wings and fly into the sunlight of the soul.
This print is meant to refresh the senses and lift beyond the mundane into glorious lightness of being. In that essence of joyful innocence, wisdom lies waiting for us to remember.

Elohim Purity and Astrea
According to the Poet Virgil, Astraea (or Astrea) is the goddess for whom the constellation Virgo is named. Others liken her to Libra holding the scales of justice. She was the last Elohim to depart the Earth and move into the stars, for she held hope that humanity would return to the Golden Age. Astraea is the personification of purity, innocence, creation and justice. She connects us to the Divine Mother as her Twin Flame Purity holds the white flame of Creator. They exist as both star consciousness and as elohim. This print assists us in purifying in the Flame of God that which we seek to create and then bringing it into being. It also calls us to reach for the stars and live our Divine Dream in perfection and harmony.

Elohim El and Ela Golden Spiral of Light
This print brings in the energies of the mighty Elohim of the 10th Ray of Grace, Prosperity and Eternal Blessings. El and Ela are the leaders of the Elohim whose beautiful light emanates from the Great, Great Central Sun, the place where many Universes meet. They are pure consciousness working on behalf of the Creator to govern the univeral path to enlightenment. From their home they send through the universal gate unending streams of grace and encodings of light to awaken all to Ascension.

Crystal Kingdom Templates

Note: The Crystal Kingdom prints carry the unique energy of the stone/crystal and crystal deva that inspire them. However, they also bring in additional ascension energies from the masters and angels of light.

Amethyst Guardian
This print is taken from the Lady Amethyst and Portia Violet Flame art print. Amethyst is a powerful stone for cleansing and protection. This print depicts the Amethyst Guardian that holds those protective and cleansing properties. Meditate with this print to surround yourself and your space with protective and cleansing amethyst energies.

Blue Lace Agate Communication Energizer
Like the gentle blue stone whose energy it depicts, this print invites us to open the pathways of communication, to heal the throat chakra and to express consciously that which our spirit longs to speak. Blue Lace Agate intricately unwinds the blockages of the throat caused by instances of feeling/being unheard and then weaves light into the pathways of communication to build the bridge to creative, conscious expression.

Angelite Divine Connection Energizer
Angelite is a stone of meditation, communication and connection to the Higher Realms of Light. Meditating with this print energizes your personal Divine connection and is meant to assist in accessing angelic guidance and Divine wisdom through your intuition in whatever way that unfolds.

Aquamarine Crystal Light Energizer
This print connects us to the loving vibrations of the stone Aquamarine, which connects to the 8th (aqua) ray of Divine Light. This stone can assist us in opening to and giving voice to Divine Wisdom, discerning truth, enlivening the mind with Divine Light and anchoring trust in the Divine Plan for our lives.

Celestite Divine Connection Energizer
Like Angelite, Celestite assists us in accessing Other Realms including elemental (nature spirits of the air, water, etc.), devic, angelic and galactic. This print connects us to the energy of Celestite, which aids in meditation, feelings of serenity, and in communing with the invisible realms.

Crystal Awakening
This print is designed to align with the new paradigm and the energies of Ascension. It has many potential uses including connecting to the higher realms, communing with the mineral kingdom and nature spirits, rebirthing one’s inner light after life shifts, and charging healing stones and crystals with high vibrational frenquencies.

Fluorite Healing Energizer
Fluorite comes in many colors, and several of them are shown in this art print, which seeks to express the harmonious yet powerful radiance of this stone. Depending on the color of the stone, fluorite can be used with a number of different chakras. This art print assists in opening energy pathways to anchor more light and allow the being to blossom according to the Divine Plan.

Hematite Grounding and Securing Template
The Hematite art print helps to ground and clear the root chakra as well as its issues. Use this print to connect deeply to the heart of the Earth, to surround you with a protective energy, to stabilize your connection to the Earth and to help clear old, deep-seated issues and shadow energies.

Red Jasper Foundational Template
This print aligns us with the essence of the stone Red Jasper, which connects to the root chakra and to the heart of Grandmother Earth. This art print connects us to Red Jasper’s energy to support our spiritual journey by grounding Divine Light. Red Jasper and this print provide protective energies from the Earth and from Archangel Uriel of the Sixth Ray. This print offers stability as we transform and energizes Divine wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli Divine Energizer
Like the powerful blue stone whose energy it depicts, this print invites us to open to Divine empowerment, protection and intuition. A stone of royalty, Lapis aligns with both Archangel Michael and Isis, with both masculine and feminine power. The lapis pyramid depicted here invites you to both receive energy and wisdom through the Queen’s chamber and send intentions through the King’s chamber.

Opal Creation Energizer
Opal represents the 12th Ray of Metamorphosis, Universal Consciousness, and Divine Creative Essence. This print assists in engaging the creative mind, stepping outside time and connecting to Spirit.

Rose Quartz Healing Energizer
This print aligns us with the loving vibrations of the stone Rose Quartz, which connects to the pink emotional/spiritual heart light. Love is the fruit of life, and this print—like the stone whose energy it emanates—awakens love for self and others and assists us in healing the wounds of love (grief and heartbreak). At center, is a depiction of a heart-shaped rose quartz, which emanates pure love and nurturing essence. Use this print to help ease and heal feelings of loneliness, unworthiness or lack of love.

Smoky Quartz Healing Energizer
This print aligns us with the clearing and grounding vibrations of Smoky Quartz. Rooted in earth energy, Smoky Quartz invites us to let go of fear, find strength in Spirit’s Truth, and ground in the Earth’s energy for clearing and letting go of worries.

Tiger Eye Foundational Template
This print aligns us with the essence of the stone Tiger Eye. Blue Tiger Eye opens the third eye in a protective enery. Gold Tiger Eye illuminates the solar plexus chakra to empower the light within. Red Tiger Eye connects to the root chakra and to the essence of Grandmother Earth for stability, creative manifestation and groundedness. This art print aligns us with all three aspects of Tiger Eye energy.

Unakite Heart Healing Energizer
This print connects us to the loving vibrations of the stone Unakite, which blends the green physical heart energy and the pink emotional/spiritual heart light to heal all aspects of the human heart and awaken the soul healer. Those who know the illustrations of the seven lotuses representing the chakras will note the inner drawing of the 12-petaled lotus of the Anahata. A softer, more feminine expression of the Threefold Flame of the Sacred Heart is behind the lotus to enhance the healing of the heart over time in a gentle, harmonious manner. At center, is a depiction of a heart-shaped Unakite stone, which emanates pure love and healing essence.

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