Recipe for Uplifting

We are in the thick of the great shift, and things can seem overwhelming for many at times. What I’ve been guided to do as often as possible throughout my day is to ask myself the questions, “What am I creating right now?” and “Do I want to perpetuate the condition I am experiencing at this moment?” The answer to the latter has continued to be “no” at least a few times a day, but I am improving! I know what my goals are: to live in a state of continuous peace and radiate that to all around me and, of course, to rise to a higher frequency experience. That means I have to be conscious, conscientious and diligent in sticking to the program.

Some days that’s a breeze. When I’m doing work that I love or chilling with my family or walking in the woods, things are just grand, of course. But when I get caught up in the struggle of those around me, in focusing on the ills of the world (all of which I deeply want to FIX) or become immersed in the murky energies out there in the world, well, I have been known to allow myself to let my own energy and outlook be affected. So what do I do? I can’t shut myself off from the world entirely and live like a hermit, after all.

My recipe may be different from yours, but we all have one. Otherwise, many of us might be going quite insane by this point. For me, the recipe includes cleanse and cleanse and cleanse some more. And then some more. I spend a great deal of time meditating, praying, using affirmations and visualizations, doing energy healing and engaging the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

I also limit my time being focused on the things that lower my vibration, which includes—at least for me—the Facebook feed, television and movies. Mind you, I still do my bit as a citizen, calling my Congressmen, signing petitions and donating to the causes I believe in. But if my every waking thought were consumed with what is wrong with the state of the world, I know that I would never accomplish my goals. The Law of Attraction affects all of us in every moment, and I know this as a palpable truth that literally reveals itself to me if ever I forget to be diligent. Thankfully, I also get to see the results of this Universal Law at work in most wondrous and miraculous ways.

What is your recipe? How are you navigating this shift? If you have solutions that work for you, please share them with those you love and all who will listen. Your brothers and sisters of Earth need help from every corner (those ready to hear anyway). This is a great time to make a plan and stick to it. In order to move through this period of awakening when we have one foot in the fifth dimension and one in the third, we need to ground love, find balance and support one another. I hope your recipe is serving you well!

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