Letting Go

I want to share a personal experience in hopes that this may help someone out there. Yesterday I had occasion to speak with a loved one who was feeling overwhelmed, distraught and highly stressed. She told me that she could not see her way out of the situation. Being who I am, I naturally tried to offer suggestions on ways to energetically rise above the issue and how to protect her psyche from the onslaught of detrimental emotions of others.

I quickly realized that I might as well have been speaking a foreign language, for my words and the good intentions behind them appeared to be neither perceived nor received. After only a brief time of sharing my good will and best advice, I could sense that my message was completely lost on that dear soul, who was so thick in the mire of her own experience that everything I suggested appeared out of reach at best.

When she said she needed to get off the phone, I let her go. And I LET HER GO (energetically disconnected). I don’t mean to suggest that I won’t be there for this treasured soul. On the contrary, I will ALWAYS hold the Light for her and do all in my power to ease her path. Yet, I know in my heart that it is only possible to aid those who are willing to accept help.

My own experience has taught me this all too well. In my past, I have been that person refusing to see the way out many times. I too have chosen to wallow in the pit of despair and refuse the Hand of Light that reached out to pull me up. Of course, I didn’t know that I was refusing it. At those moments, I simply couldn’t see beyond the issue at hand. So I understand where this person is, because I’ve been there. As soon as she is ready for help, she will ask and the Divine will answer, and I will be thankful to be an instrument of the Light when that time comes. For now, all I can do is avoid judging, love her and hold the highest intentions.

Right now many of us are in the thick of grasping the big lessons we came to learn. I profoundly wish that my knowing this lesson could somehow translate it to the consciousness of every other person who is in the process of learning it. But it seems we all must choose to learn when and as we are ready.

So what do we do when faced with this situation—when someone we love is stuck? Here’s what I’ve found helps me:
(1) I love the person—just as he or she is in the moment.
(2) I pray and say affirmations on behalf of the person.
(3) I refuse to be brought down into the mire. Sinking into the same state will not help the person, but it will hinder my progress on the journey of light. I inwardly say, “I love you and honor your choice even as I invite you to rise.”
(4) Instead of trying to fix the issue, I just listen. (I like to put a violet flame shield around myself through the listening process so that I can avoid taking in the energy being expressed.)
(5) I seek within myself any dregs of the same or similar energetic/emotional issues and clear them diligently and utterly. This one is vital. When something arises in the outer world, I know it’s always a reminder that I need to look inside to deal with my own stuff—even if I thought I’d already conquered that issue for good.

There are times when we have to rise above the fray to see things clearly. The density in the atmosphere sometimes seems so thick with chaos that it begs the question, “How do I rise through this?!” Believe me, I understand that. Yet, I also know that it can be done with diligence, determination and courage. I’m doing my best in this regard every moment of every day and I know you are too.

I have to keep believing that only the Light prevails and only Love abides. May we step outside 3D perception long enough to perceive and receive assistance when it comes.

Thank you for shining!

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