The Joy of Service

SpiralFlowerCopyrAs I started compiling my email on Labor Day right after completing my weekly prayer circle list, the small self in me wondered why I wasn’t taking the day off. The answer that came immediately to mind is this: “Service given through love is never labor; it is instead joy.” I had to thank the Ascended Masters for that one, because it surely sounds like one of theirs!

Monday was my mother’s 88th birthday, and when we spoke that morning we talked about how much alike our philosophy of life is. What brings both of us the greatest joy is helping others, and the thing that makes our hearts smile is brightening someone’s day even just a little. I heard my mother say what I have said so often, “I feel it’s my job to make others feel happier. It’s why I’m here.” What a delightful moment!

Opportunities to brighten someone’s day come up all the time. This past Sunday in Whole Foods I noticed a couple with their little girl in the cart. The look on the wife’s face was somewhere between angry and disappointed, and the husband just looked glum. The little one’s face mirrored her parents’. I saw them twice on different aisles wearing the same expressions. So I thought to myself, “How can I help these folks?”

Well, when someone has a child in the cart, I need look no further for a solution, and this happened to be a such a lovely little girl. Of course, to me they all are!

Anyway, I went up to the couple, lightly touched the mother’s arm to draw her attention, and said to both parents, “What an absolutely beautiful little one you have!” Their faces changed in an instant! The countenance of discord melted into pure joy and happiness. They proceeded to tell me that she was 14 months old on that very day, and I wished her happy birthday plus two months and said it was important to celebrate life every day. We spoke only for a minute or two, but those beautiful people clearly shifted. What was apparent to me as I left them—absolutely beaming—was that now instead of being down they were feeling grateful for the blessing of their daughter.

Guess what else? I was beaming too—positively glowing with inner joy and gratitude that I could provide this small service of brightening someone’s day—in this case three someones. Never have I had a more resplendent trip to the grocery store, because I was smiling in my heart the whole rest of my time there and long after I left and came home.

The Angels of Light are whispering to me as they so often do, their lilting melody of light singing through my heart and mind, and here’s what they say: Every day we have an opportunity—perhaps many opportunities—to be someone’s angel. Those beautiful beings of light help everyone they meet—without judgment or conditions—just holding LOVE for all. They don’t do it for a reward or praise. They do it because it is in their nature to do so, and to them service itself IS their reward. 
Every person who crosses our path on any given day is a potential gift in waiting, because every time we touch another soul with love, light, appreciation and kindness that blessing flows back into our own hearts tenfold. I felt happy the entire rest of the day after that one brief incident in which I expanded love to those precious folks who were so in need of it. I don’t know why they were feeling less than jubilant in the store. I just feel grateful that Spirit drew my notice and called me to act.

My husband always reminds me to consider the ripples as well. The people whom we touch in these small ways then share those uplifted feelings with others and with the very atmosphere around them. Perhaps they have a similar effect on others they meet afterwards, and then those people follow suit and so on and so on and so on—until at last everyone in all the world feels lighter and more in harmony, and we shift the world one soul at a time.

Many people have espoused such a philosophy, of course. Now what if we all acted on it?!! What if everyone said, ” Today it’s my job to LOVE every person I meet and share even a few meaningful words of kindness from my heart”? By exuding love to everyone, we have the power to change the world!

All of us are Angels (or Ascended Masters) in training, and, just like those precious Light Beings, the more we extend love into the world, the greater our joy will be. It’s a simple formula really. Sometimes we forget it and end up being the one who needs lifting up ourselves. (I’ve been there and done that countless times!) But for those who choose to live our lives by that formula, there always will be someone to help us in exactly the same way when we falter. That someone may or may not be visible, of course, but they always, always show up! Then, it’s up to each of us to choose to either willingly receive what light is imparted or to remain in our stew until we’re ready to move out of it.
Here’s what I believe wholeheartedly: If we spend our lives seeking to convey love and harmony to everyone we encounter (and to all those closer to home), we will experience profound gratitude and boundless joy and be blessed with riches that shine far greater than gold. 
To those precious friends, loved ones and fellow lightworkers reading this post, please know that I am honored to share this path with you, to walk the walk with many, many others who live by this same formula and who seek to support one another. I thank you from the bottom, middle and top of my heart for being the light that you are and choosing LOVE.

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